Rôtisseur Mustard

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Rôtisseur Mustard
natural flavour of mustard

Rôtisseur mustard (brown label) differs considerably not only from the other Louit Frères mustards, but also from other products currently found on the market, both in terms of appearance (whole grain, natural) and in terms of flavour (natural flavour of mustard, not overpowered by other flavours, not particularly hot). Due to these characteristics Rôtisseur Mustard is an ideal condiment for grilled meats, hot dogs, and salads.

hotness level: 
per 100 g
of product
per RDA serving
size of 63 g
energy value 98 Kcal / 409 Kj 62 Kcal / 257 Kj
protein 5.8 gr 3.7 gr
of which sugars
3.0 gr
0.2 gr
1.9 gr
0.1 gr
of which saturated fat
7.0 gr
1.0 gr
4.4 gr
0.6 gr
dietary fibre 0.5 gr 0.3 gr
salt 5.0 gr 3.2 gr