Estragon Mustard

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Estragon Mustard
mild and aromatic flavour

Estragon Mustard (yellow label) is made up of mustard seeds, water, vinegar, tarragon (an herb), salt, and sugar. Estragon Mustard is prepared according to the ancient recipe, which notes it as the mustard with the mildest and most aromatic flavour. Estragon Mustard is prized by consumers of mild sauces.

hotness level: 
per 100 g
of product
per RDA serving
size of 63 g
energy value 188 Kcal / 784 Kj 118 Kcal / 493 Kj
protein 8.4 gr 5.3 gr
of which sugars
10.8 gr
4.4 gr
6.8 gr
2.7 gr
of which saturated fat
12.1 gr
0.8 gr
7.6 gr
0.5 gr
dietary fibre 1.3 gr 0.8 gr
salt 4.7 gr 2.9 gr