Dilora Mustard

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Dilora Mustard
semi-strong flavour

Dilora Mustard (green label) is made up of yellow mustard, wine vinegar, seed oil, turmeric (seeds of an aromatic plant), spices, and natural flavours. Dilora mustard’s semi-strong flavour makes it particularly suitable for use in the kitchen, to season condiments and sauces or to vary the flavour of base sauces (béchamel sauce, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, etc.).

hotness level: 
per 100 g
of product
per RDA serving
size of 63 g
energy value 98 Kcal / 409 Kj 62 Kcal / 257 Kj
protein 5.8 gr 3.7 gr
of which sugars
3.0 gr
0.2 gr
1.9 gr
0.1 gr
of which saturated fat
7.0 gr
1.0 gr
4.4 gr
0.6 gr
dietary fibre 0.5 gr 0.3 gr
salt 5.0 gr 3.2 gr