Dijon Mustard

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Dijon Mustard
strong and decisive flavour

Dijon Mustard (red label) is prepared according to the traditional recipe (high percentage of yellow mustard, wine vinegar, seed oil, spices, and natural flavours), which notes it as the mustard with the strongest and most decisive flavour. Dijon Mustard is prized by habitual consumers of very hot sauces.

hotness level: 
per 100 g
of product
per RDA serving
size of 63 g
energy value 98 Kcal / 409 Kj 62 Kcal / 257 Kj
protein 5.8 gr 3.7 gr
of which sugars
3.0 gr
0.2 gr
1.9 gr
0.1 gr
of which saturated fat
7.0 gr
1.0 gr
4.4 gr
0.6 gr
dietary fibre 0.5 gr 0.3 gr
salt 5.0 gr 3.2 gr