Diaphane Mustard

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Diaphane Mustard
rich and savoury flavour

Diaphane Mustard (blue label) is distinguished by its savoury flavour. It is made up of a mix of yellow mustard and brown mustard, legumes and vegetables, seed oil, anchovy paste, spices, and natural flavours. It does not contain any colorants. The flavour of this mustard, which is the result of its many ingredients, is characterized by a particular richness and savouriness that make it ideal to use in the preparation of appetizers and meat dishes.

hotness level: 
per 100 g
of product
per RDA serving
size of 63 g
energy value 98 Kcal / 409 Kj 62 Kcal / 257 Kj
protein 5.8 gr 3.7 gr
of which sugars
3.0 gr
0.2 gr
1.9 gr
0.1 gr
of which saturated fat
7.0 gr
1.0 gr
4.4 gr
0.6 gr
dietary fibre 0.5 gr 0.3 gr
salt 5.0 gr 3.2 gr